A New Social Contract

A New Social Contract advances comprehensive, transformative, community-led solutions that protect human rights, build equitable systems for everyone and deepen our democracy.

Join us on May 24, 2018, at The New School in New York City 
for the public launch of this new project, or tune in on 
Facebook Live.

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We need a new social contract, one that values every human life, treats all people with respect and dignity, recognizes our interdependence with each other and our planet and enables everyone to reach their full potential. 

This vision for a new social contract is already emerging, not in Washington or other centers of power, but in the communities that are most impacted by our current crises. Communities are calling for a new social contract that

  • Prioritizes human needs and human rights as the primary purpose of all private and public systems, focusing our entire economy and social systems on meeting our shared needs as individuals, families and communities;
  • Creates universal systems that meet the needs of all by designing our systems equitably around the needs of the most marginalized, recognizing our interdependence and mutual responsibility, and building solutions that are stronger for everyone; and
  • Builds deep democracy through inclusive local democratic structures that reclaims our political, economic and social systems from corporate control and reactionary impulses and re-grounds them in our communities and our core values.

Beginning May 24, we’ll publish reports and host events to explore concrete community-led models that are emerging as the building blocks for an new economy and a deeper democracy. Stay tuned!

We will be having a facebook live chat on these themes, featuring NESRI’s Executive Director, Cathy Albisa, Professor Mia White of The New School, and TV host Imara Jones. 

Join us live via the NESRI facebook page at 11am EST on Wednesday, April 18. We hope you will not only watch, but also join in the discussion by commenting.